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since 1999​

Caroline's venture began in 1999 with a modest budget and grand ideas. The business was orginally called Innisfail Health and was located further up the street at number 22 Rankin Street. The local residents were looking for alternative answers for their health and healing.

Attitudes to health are slowly changing as many seek out wellness rather than simply being 'sickness free'. Caroline wanted to offer something more - a holistic approach to the body and mind that is gentle, nuturing and spiritual.


The shop gradually took on more products and practices and eventually the original premises became too small to accommodate all the wonderful services, medicines, gifts and products now being offered.


It was time to move and with the purchase of new premises Caroline and Pam relocated and 'moved shop'.


The new store offers a variety of medicines, books, gems, stones, jewellery and new age products. The healing services offered include massage, reiki, readings, feng shui and hearing tests.


Our latest addition is our Earthy Eats Cafe - we specialise in vegetarian, raw and vegan foods which are gluten/dairy/egg/sugar/peanut free. We also offer pro and pre biotic fermented and cultured foods. All our produce is sourced locally and prepared fresh every day by our staff.


Our mission is all about helping to make food and lifestyle choices that will make a difference to your health and the health of our planet.


It all began one tropical day with Caroline's vision.....